Large residential modular house

The house is not only a living space, but also a family Sunday breakfast on the terrace, peaceful evenings by the fire and loud parties with friends.

Does a private house designed according to your wishes, taste and needs seem like a time-consuming and expensive process? Not always! We offer a residential house for the price of an apartment! The pictures show only one of the projects, however, we are ready to adapt it according to the wishes and needs of the residents of the house.


  • Area: More than 30m²
  • Facade: Wooden, color according to the customer’s preferences
  • Roof: Rukki Classic
  • Heating: Warm floors (under tiled WC), two radiators in living rooms
  • Insulation: Floor (250mm), external walls (250mm), roof (300mm)
  • Water system: Uponor
  • Sewerage: Embedded in walls/floors
  • Electrical installation: Wires embedded in corrugations, electrical box with fuses, switches/sockets – included in the price
  • Ventilation: LUNOS e260 recuperation system in the living spaces, forced ventilation system in the WC room
  • Indoor wall decoration: Wooden boards – tones according to the customer’s choice, tiles in the WC room (or any other material according to the customer’s choice)
  • Floor covering: Laminate (in rooms) and tiles (WC) or any other covering according to the customer’s choice
  • Bathroom: Water boiler 80l, shower mixer, shower trap in the floor, shower glass corner, pot, sink – included in the price
  • Kitchen equipment: At the customer’s choice – not included in the price


  • Starting from €1200/m²

The cost of modular house is influenced by the following factors: area, complexity, materials, thermal insulation, communications, location of the construction site, and specifics of the land of the construction site.

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