About us

SIA “Your Dream House” is a rapidly growing company located in Liepaja, specializing in the construction of modular and panel houses. The company has a professional and experienced team that realizes the client’s ideas and dreams with the help of quality materials. We work with an individual approach to each client. The company cooperates with leading manufacturers, using high-quality, long-lasting and individually tailored materials for each project.

A home is a place where a person feels good, where you can realize your ideas, plans, be with your family, indulge in your dreams for the future and fulfill them. Our vision is to produce high quality modular homes for the European market.

Why us

Come to SIA “Your dream house” with your ideas and wishes, together we will create a building project that exactly suits your needs and lifestyle. We will entrust the construction of the modular house to professionals who will realize your vision in a much shorter period of time at much lower costs. A real saving of money, nerves and time.

Experienced and professional craftsmen

High-quality, environmentally and health-friendly materials

High sense of responsibility

Continuous communication with the client

Partners / leading manufacturers